About Us


Better living means better quality of life and this is never compromised by our group. Our vision of creating a life-changing community spaces with harmony, without compromising on its business ethics has only driven itself to success all the way.


SRI RAJASHREE DEVELOPERS PVT LTD works consistently on a strong mission of changing the face of the city with its efficient and elegant edifices. Energetic and enthusiastic about the next generation, our company has been paving strong, concrete steps with pure innovation in our DNA.


Mr. SURESH.S is completed B.A. Managing Partner of SRI RAJASHREE DEVELOPERS PVT LTD, Mr. VIJAYAKUMAR. C his completing his B.E Civil a real estate conglomerate with interests in Luxury and premium housing construction segments in Bangalore. He has been recognized for his dynamism, leadership and outstanding brilliance in the field of real estate and construction business. His in-depth knowledge and expertise in property development has helped him handle various projects with great precision and delivering projects on time.

Both worked with various reputed developers and construction companies in Bangalore as a Director Operations. This experience helped him recognize the need for residential properties across the city and he therefore started his own companyā€¯ SRI RAJASHREE DEVELOPERS PVT LTD" in 2016. Under his leadership and guidance the company achieved a turnover of INR 50 Crore over a period of three years and completed 3 Lakh Sq.ft of Luxury Residential Layout Projects also running 6 Lakh Sq.ft of current Layout and Apartment projects across the city.

SRI RAJASHREE DEVELOPERS PVT LTD is aimed to expand business and establish a brand and corporate set up. During the course of his experience he has gained lot of expertise in land acquisition with good legal title and contacts of most acclaimed professionals in the field. He keeps himself constantly updated on the changing building regulations of the state as well as recent trends in Civil Engineering to improve the quality.